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Cocaine is a powerful stimulant drug derived from the coca plant. It is known for its stimulating and euphoric effects on the central nervous system. Cocaine increases dopamine levels in the brain, leading to feelings of pleasure and increased energy. It can be used recreationally and is commonly associated with party scenes. However, it is important to be aware that the use of cocaine can have significant health risks, including addiction, cardiovascular complications, and potential overdose. Additionally, it is illegal in most countries and engaging in the production, distribution, or possession of cocaine can have serious legal consequences. It is important to prioritize personal health and well-being and seek professional help if needed.

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Some common street names for cocaine include: 1. Coke 2. Blow 3. Snow 4. Yayo 5. White 6. Powder 7. Charlie 8. Nose candy 9. C 10. Toot It is important to note that these street names should not be seen as endorsement or encouragement of cocaine use. Substance abuse and the illegal distribution of drugs carry serious health risks and legal consequences. It is crucial to prioritize personal well-being and make informed decisions regarding substance use.

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