SPECTRA NOIR Chocolate Mixed Flavors 2000MG


Buy SPECTRA NOIR  Bullion w/Mixed Flavors  2000MG

These handcrafted, rich, chocolate bars are available simply as a dark chocolate piece, or with nuts, fruits and berries. Each piece is filled with 2000mg of magical psychedelic delights (p.cubensis).

Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with nuts, Dark Chocolate with Fruits, Dark Chocolate with Berries


SPECTRA NOIR Chocolate Mixed Flavors 2000MG

BUY SPECTRA NOIR  Chocolate 2000mg

SPECTRA NOIR – Chocolate 2000mg

4 x 400mg | 2000mg

1 bar with 5 pieces/box

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate, Cubensis, (Berries/Nuts/Fruits)

Other Flavors Available:

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate with mixed nuts
  • Dark chocolate with mixed fruit
  • Dark chocolate with mixed berries

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Best Way To Eat SPECTRA NOIR Chocolate Mixed Flavors 2000MG shrooms

Magic mushroom edibles are one of the best ways to eat shrooms. With its sweet and trippy feeling, it is the best recommendation for mushroom starters.

How long do edibles last

Mushroom edibles are to be stored in the refrigerator. Don’t use plastic wrappers as they could break down the edibles, ruining the consistency and flavor. Expiry dates are always on the magic mushroom packs.



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